Welcome, Ciao, Bonjour, Buenas noches!

Hello lovelies!

I would like to welcome you to my website and blog. As you may have noticed I am a makeup artist, fully qualified and loving it. There is still so much that I want to learn and grow within my work but I am loving every step.

I want to start this blog as a document of my journey, how I learn and progress and how thankful I am for the amazing people that support me, my family, my friends and my amazing clients. Without any of you I would not be here.

Another journey that I would like to document is my cruelty free journey. I only use cruelty free products, I strive to keep the products that I use natural and I am trying to find as many vegan alternatives as possible. Testing on animals is cruel and unnecessary and it needs to stop!

I want this blog to show the job that I adore as well as tell everyone a little about me!

I will share with you my little nuggets of information and advice and I would love for you to share yours. I am always looking for new amazing brands and always on the lookout for those sad occasions when a brand is no longer cruelty free. Let’s help everyone out!

Mad Hatter Makeup

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