Autumn Beauty

Hello my lovelies,

It is my favourite time of the year! Cold weather, hot chocolate, fluffy socks, jumpers, scarves and beautiful colours!

Not only all of that but the best makeup looks! Dark lipstick is finally back! If you can pull off the all year round dark makeup then I applaud you and I do try however there is nothing like autumn weather to go with smokey eye and dark lip. Day or night it just works.

Dark lipstick is definitely a favourite of mine. Black, brown, red, orange, plum so many lovely colours!

However as much as I love this season there are some obvious signs of the changing weather dry lips, wind swept red skin. The weather can do a lot to us and this is where we need to know how to fight back and keep on top!

Tip 1

Lip balm and lots of it – and refrain from rubbing and licking your lips (I know it’s super tempting but do not do it)
A good lip balm is key in autumn/winter … well in all seasons but why your lips start to dry give them some help! I always try to keep a handy lip balm, well everywhere. One in each room of the house and of course always carry one around with me! Whatever the weather I will always have one in my gym bag!

Tip 2

So skin care routine is one that varies through person to person however I will always stick by the very basics, cleanse, tone and moisturise!
I have a few more steps in my own routine and there are people with less but for me those basics are staples and should not be missed especially as the weather gets colder! As our skin gets drier it needs more – think oils and lotions.

Tip 3

Skin is all over our bodies so that means it’s not just our faces getting drier a little extra help is needed everywhere. If you don’t use any sort of body moisturiser autumn is defiantly the time to start – even more beneficial would be a body oil like Palmer’s Moisturizing Body Oil. Palmer’s is one of my favourite skin care brands, cruelty free as well as amazing quality.

Tip 4

More of a go to than a tip but this autumn I am loving Kat Von D’s Lock It Powder Foundation. On those cold autumnal mornings when you just do not want to get out of bed this foundation is great for a quick makeup look. Although it’s super quick to apply it covers well and without feeling thick. To keep with the autumn vibes I like to team it with Kat Von D’s Studded Kiss lipstick in Vampira, a lovely deep red which screams autumn.

I am also loving Marks and Spensers Belle which is a lovely autumn fruity fragrance!

Remember guys and girls always listen to your skin. Whatever season, your skin will tell you if it needs more you just need to know how to read it!

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