What Cruelty Free Means to me

Hello my lovelies.

I just wanted to go a little deeper into what being cruelty free means to me.

Animal cruelty is real, it is horrible and it happens all the time. Just today I read a story about someone who threw a puppy out of a moving car. WHY?!? It baffles me that someone could be so thoughtless.

When it comes to makeup for me there is no other option but cruelty free. No makeup is worth an animal somewhere getting hurt. Yes the EU has an amazing law prohibiting animal testing, but that does not mean that they companies that you are buying from are cruelty free. Products sourced from outside of the EU or sold outside of the EU do not have the same laws. China as most of us know have laws that require animal testing to be done on all cosmetics. A pretty backwards law right?!

This means that any company that supplies products to China does not support a cruelty free future! The company have chosen money over the animals of the world. It’s not just the animals on our doorsteps that need our help. Give animals the voice that they deserve. Keep fighting against the injustice in the world. You may be just one person but you can make a huge difference.

No one should be made to feel like they are not doing enough either. Sign the petitions, buy cruelty free, vegan, vegetarian, organic local farms. There are so many little ways that we can help and each and every one makes a difference. The biggest difference that you can make is to not give your money to companies that do not care. Money is where it hurts the companies and the more people that refuse to buy into the cruelty the more chance we have of a real change. If all you can do is talk about it then that’s a step forward. Get people talking and we can change the world one step and a time!

I could talk forever about this subject as it’s something I feel so strongly about but I will not bore you too much in one post. What I will do is let you know the cruelty free alternatives that I have found, the makeup tips that I have discovered to help make products really pop. If anyone reading wants to give suggestions, alternatives, tips or anything then please feel free. I am still learning and I want all my readers to get information however they can.

Be the positive change!

Mad Hatter Makeup

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