Updates and Thank you

Hello my lovelies!

I have been quite on here for some time. That is in for a change. I am going to start today by giving everyone an update on business!

Firstly, Aurora Moon Cosmetics Etsy shop has been officially launched! Products are on sale now! If you want to shop or check it out follow the link in shop. Getting to launch has been super busy and at times tough but I want to thank all my lovely customers who have helped make this all possible. The support you guys show to a small business is amazing. As any small business owner can tell you the support of everyone is so important, in supporting a small business you are allowing someone to pay rent. You are helping to put food on the table, and supporting a dream! For all of this I thank you all and hope that I continue to get support in my dream because I love everyday of what I do.

Secondly, due to how busy I have been with launch I have not been able to so as many photo-shoots or other makeup artistry jobs as I would usually like to do. I am finally opening my books back up although time will be limited for awhile. Please get booked in for weddings, proms, occasions, face painting and anything else you want makeup for!


I want to thank everyone again for the support and I will be more active to show you as much as possible of my wonderful world of makeup.


Jessica x

Aurora Moon Cosmetics

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