Summer sunshine and shop changes

Fan’s and paddling pools sold out in no time, ice cream sales on the rise, welcome to a typical (but outrageously hot) British heatwave. A heatwave that does not seem to want to end. Melting supplies and too hot to work in weather is never the easiest. The upside to the drastic change in weather is the amount of people flocking at summer fete’s and fairs. A perfect time to grab your festival glitter!

The summer heat also means a change in our beauty routines especially for us British Babes who are not quite used to the amount of summer we are actually getting! My main beauty tip for the summer is SUN PROTECTION. Having pale skin and tattoos I am slightly biased with my factor 50 sun lotion but even for those tanned beauties taking care of your skin in the heat is super important. Sun damage can happen even in shade, whilst the sun is hiding behind the clouds and even through windows. Make sure you are keeping that skin healthy by covering up or slap on the sun tan lotion. SPF may not be the most photo friendly product however skin care is super important.

My current favourite lotions are:

M&S, whose own brand cosmetics are all cruelty free and big up to the vegan sun tan lotion!


Also Malibu (one of the best smelling lotions on the market) is also cruelty free and vegan – which is amazing as I have always loved them in the summer.

A natural body mist is also a super great tip for hot summer days! A good spray consisting of water and essential oils is great for cooling down as well as adding a lovely light sent that isn’t too over powering. This is helpful for hay fever sufferers who might find stronger scents particularly hard to deal with whilst surrounded by pollen.

And lastly, when your makeup is melting and you are missing the beauty of cosmetics remember there is always GLITTER! A festival must have and a great addition to any party or night out biodegradable glitter is amazing for this summer!


Love Jess – Aurora Moon x

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